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By admin
Jan 29, 2021 - 11:12 am
ARRL Feed (0 viewing)
0 2 7 In ARRL Headquarters Opening at 11 AM EST Today, Febr...
By admin
Feb 02, 2021 - 02:49 pm
Introduce yourself (0 viewing)
Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the rest of us. Tell everyone about your hobby and interest.
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By admin
Jan 30, 2021 - 04:55 pm

Announcements & News

Amateur Radio (0 viewing)
We encourage our members to post any announcement here that others may find of interest.
0 1 2 In Getting back into it
By admin
Feb 02, 2021 - 03:30 pm
Clubs (0 viewing)
Club announcements here. Meetings, Tell us about yourself, Testing etc.
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Events (0 viewing)
Post all announcements about events, Swaps, Fest, Field days Contest here.
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Emergency events/info (0 viewing)
All things pertaining to Emergency. Preparedness drills, actual events, Nets, news and more.
0 1 11 In UHF/VHF Simplex Wilderness Protocol
By admin
Feb 02, 2021 - 03:26 pm

Equipment & Software

Products & Services Review (0 viewing)
Review Ham Radio Equipment, Software, Services here. (Constructive discussion only please.)
0 1 3 In Review of RigExpert's Stick 230 Antenna Analyz...
By admin
Feb 03, 2021 - 09:36 am
Operation (0 viewing)
Discuss all things related to the operation of equipment, software and services here.
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Repeaters (0 viewing)
Discuss their use, and all other things pertaining to Amateur Radio Repeaters.
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Antennas (0 viewing)
Let's discuss all things pertaining to Antennas here. Home Brews, Commercially built, Theory, Troubleshooting.
0 3 4 In Stealth in a residential area
By admin
Feb 03, 2021 - 10:21 am
Software (0 viewing)
Discuss all things related to the different software packages available. Old, new, would like to find. This may include any software found as stand alone, web based, or on IOS and Android devices.
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DSTAR (0 viewing)
All things DSTAR, Operation, use, stories, Equipment etc.
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DMR (0 viewing)
All discussion related to DMR both BM and MARC.
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Fusion (0 viewing)
Discuss all things related to Yaesu System Fusion here.
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Echolink (0 viewing)
All things Echolink. Software, contacts, Adding Echolink to a repeater.
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IRLP (0 viewing)
Building, Operating and all other things related to IRLP
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GMRS (0 viewing)
General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and all things related here. Equipment, Repeaters, Events. Stories where GMRS was able to provide emergency services. Family fun
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AllStar (0 viewing)
Discuss all things related to this special mode.
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APCO P-25 (0 viewing)
Discuss all things related to this Special Mode here
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General Discussion

Talk Groups (0 viewing)
Discuss all things non-related to Amateur Radio here.
Subcategories: General Talk, Political, Prepping and Survival, More...
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List items for sale. Please note that Repeater Directory is not responsible in any manner for the guarantee of any item or service listed herein.
Subcategories: Antennas, Radio Equipment
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Have you found something that isn't working or is glitched. Report it here and help us make the site better for members.
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  1. Stealth in a residential area by admin in Antennas
    Hello all and I hope this post finds you well in this new world we live in. I live in a residential area across from a golf course and while i have not read any rules that prohibit me from having an a antenna up, I am concerned my neighbors might say something if i did. Please note my neighbor is th...
  2. Review of RigExpert's Stick 230 Antenna Analyzer by K7AGE by admin in Products & Services Review
  3. Getting back into it by admin in Amateur Radio
    Well life and work took my away from it but I'm back! I am getting a Yaesu FT-950 to set up a HF station. I am very excited to be getting back on the airwaves. I will document my setup when i start it(radio shows up tomorrow). This little adventure will include setting up a desk in the corner of th...
  4. UHF/VHF Simplex Wilderness Protocol by admin in Emergency events/info
    The Wilderness Protocol is simply a recommendation that those outside of repeater range monitor standard simplex channels at specific times in case others have priority or emergency calls. "FM & Repeaters", June 1996 QST, p. 85. Should you ever become lost or injured in the wilderness and are...
  5. ARRL Headquarters Opening at 11 AM EST Today, February 2 by admin in ARRL Feed
    ARRL Headquarters will re-open today, Tuesday, February 2, at 11 AM EST (1600 UTC). W1AW will operat